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About AGMC TN 16A

Who We Are

We are a Law Enforcement Public Safety Motorcycle Club comprised of Police Officers (Federal, State and Local), Firefighters, Medical Personnel and Military Veterans.

But why? How does one end up in such professions? Well, from the very beginning of human existence, there were those among us that answered a calling deep within ourselves to protect, to place ourselves between danger and those we loved and cared for. From the extremes of simply calming a child fearful of their first inoculations to protecting our entire nation from those that wish to destroy our nation’s way of life, we have a drive to stand at the gate and shield that which we love. That said, we all rely and lean on each other at some point in our life, and our members are no different.

In the world of bikers, a big draw of being part of a motorcycle club is for the camaraderie and being part of a group of like-minded riders. It feels good to belong to something bigger than ourselves, to belong to a movement that challenges us to improve, and gets us engaged in supporting our communities as well. Those of us that are serving the public, or have served, wanted to incorporate that feeling of ‘brotherhood’ that exists within our professions into our riding lives as well. Due to the oftentimes unique requirements we face in our professions, along with our stated priorities of "family first, job second, now let's RIDE", finding a club was going to be hard. In fact, finding a club that could satisfy all of the standards that were set proved very difficult. So much so, it made more sense to start anew with a clean slate. Ergo, Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club was born.

The first Tennessee chapter, 16A, was officially chartered on June 16th, 2014. Tennessee 16A stands out within AGMC as somewhat unique. Most of the original members were riders that worked in Nashville, but none of them actually lived in Nashville. They hailed from communities north, west and south of Nashville but none in Davidson County. Most clubs have all their members centralized in or very near one city, but the Tennessee 16A chapter covers a large portion of Tennessee and even part of Kentucky! While this occasionally presents some challenges, it also presents a great reason to go on ‘real’ rides, as we travel to areas throughout both Tennessee and Kentucky to meet each other! We are more interested in putting miles on our bikes than polishing them in the garage. After all, isn’t that why you bought one?


Our Officers

Jerry Barker
"Old Bear"

U.S. Army Retired
Clarksville , TN

Jimmy Dill

U.S. Army Veteran
Former Clarksville PD
Chapmansboro, TN

Bobby Sells
Sgt At Arms

U.S. Army Veteran
Ashland City, TN

Jerry Barnes

U.S. Army Veteran
Clarksville, TN

John Wilkerson
Road Captain

U..S .Army Veteran
Clarksville, TN